Get a Better Job

The Joplin Job Center offers the tips you need to sell your skills to an employer. Your job search is backed with live and local customer service along with special events and tools to make your career move a success!

Through both the American Job Centers at Joplin and Monett, you’ll find friendly and helpful Workforce Specialists to help guide your job search. They can answer questions about job opportunities and give you advice about how to be more competitive as a potential job candidate.

Online Job Banks: Using the computers in the Job Center, or any PC with internet access in your home or other locations like public libraries, customers can search for local jobs through several public and commercial online job banks. is the only comprehensive online job bank in the Show-Me State that’s backed with live and local customer service that’s just a call, click, or visit away at the American Job Center.

Sharpening your interview skills: Ask any employment professional or check any of hundreds of articles about landing a job and you’ll soon quickly realize the job interview is one of the most important steps to move job candidates to the top, or the bottom, of the stack. The American Job Center knows the importance of the job interview and offers several tools to help sharpen your interview skills to help put your best foot forward. Read more about practice interviews and workshops

Office tools: Inside each Job Center is a bank of special equipment and tools geared toward getting a better job. Computers are available for job searching. Printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines are on standby to help print and transmit resumes to employers. Employer directories, phone books, newspapers, and other reference materials are fresh and ready to give you new leads. Telephones for contacting employers are included. For the hearing-impaired, the Career Center has TTY service and Ubiduo devices to assist.

National Career Readiness Certificate: You know what capabilities you have. You just need a way to let employers know what you have to offer. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is the answer. The NCRC helps you find jobs that fit your skills and interests. It enables you to rank above other job applicants who cannot demonstrate their skills, and also confirms to the employer that your skills will meet their needs.  More >

Making ends meet on your way to a career: Knowing your skills and improving your skills are both important in your pursuit of a new career. You still have to pay the bills along the way, right?

Several services are targeted to specific populations, such as youth, those on layoff from a job, veterans, older workers, welfare recipients, ex-offenders, and many others. More>